Friday, June 09, 2006

Dinner at Dad in law's

Today dad in law is making dinner to mark mum in law's passing anniversary for the 3rd year.

In the morning Aidan had an appointment with the doc. She said his nose is still a little swollen in the inside, but can't do much about it as it may be seasonal allergy. Also his runny nose has subsided quite significantly. So, unless if it's a very bad case, we just let it be.

We went to The Glen just to walk around and ended up at Macca's (McDonald) for lunch. Just a happy meal for him, and I shared a little chips, that's it.

Dinner at dad in law's was lots of good food! I bought a couple of sushi handroll to be 'served' to mum in law as it was one of her favourite food. Wilkin did not go for the dinner as he had to work late, but he did go to the cemetary first thing in the morning before he left for work.

Back home, when everything was settled, and Aidan asleep, I watched the final double episode of Amazing Race 9. The hippies won! I love the hippies. I was hoping it will be them or Ray and Yolanda. Hate the frat boys, they are so cunning. To view their victory, click here:

Love ya BJ and Tyler!

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