Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Club183 boy band

A friend sent me a link to this site :

I viewed it and said to myself Wow! Good looking guys. Depending on your taste, I like the one who has thick eyebrows and catches the star. So many boy bands still.

Sharon agreed to swap with me, and I will be working her next Tuesday. THREE NIGHTS IN A ROW!! Am going to be dead. Such sacrifice I make for a BBQ. It better be good! But knowing Steven, it will be nothing short of spectacular when it comes to food, plus his mum is good at preparations too.

Dang those people coming it at midnight again. 4 customers walked in just TWO minutes before closing! WHAT DO THEY DO ALL NIGHT???! !! It's really irritating. And also, we had a dodgy one who came in earlier, to buy batteries, trying to hurry Sharon at the register. She was serving someone else, yet he was trying to rush her to do her job, saying he has a life. She got so sick of him, he said, well, everyone here has a life too. As soon as I have served these customers who are waiting in front of you, I will attend to you when it 's your turn.

It turned out to be, I think, he was trying to rush her through her scannings of the product, so she wouldn't check what was being scanned. He had 3 packs of lithium digital camera batteries with him, which costs $12 each. Somehow, he's got the stickers, our stickers which was priced at $2.99 and covered the original price. GENIOUS!!

He thinks we are dumb. Sharon didn't make a fuss, although she did come up to us and told us what happened, Nermin the manager said, no way we are honouring the price. He's lucky we didn't make a scene and save his face. Prick!

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