Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Kangaroo meat

Sent Aidan to Cabena and I went to Chaddy to have a sip of coffee.

Didn's shop, lucky me, but did get a few necessities. Bought kangaroo meat and some sausages for dinner. We are going western tonight.

Grilled those meat and blanched some cauliflower and baby peas, with a little Heinz Chunky Soup to go over it.

It was yummy. Aidan had little frankfurts and the soup for his dinner. If you can eat beef, the kangaroo meat is something like that, but much much leaner. There wasn't any fat to be found. Spent the night watching CSI NY and reading. Wanted to watch CSI before the NY episode, but Aidan was watching his Ernie.

I much prefer Grissom and Mac in both episodes to Miami the old man. He always acts like he thinks he's very cool with the sunnies.

Anyway, Wilkin wanted me to go to Steven and Rita's anniversary BBQ this Sunday but didn't want me losing out on the pay. So I had to swap shift with someone.

Gotta ask Sharon.

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