Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Warooga Assessment Day

Went to Warooga centre today, which uses the same facilities as Cabena, but different organisations.

Aidan thought we were going to 'school' and kept wanting to go into the main room with other kids, who were there for their early intervention programme.

Geraldine, the centre leader spoke with me while Sue, the therapist played with Aidan for the whole hour. Throughout he showed excellent motor skills and talked about what he knows, e.g. pictures of animals, and shapes. I voiced my concerns to Geraldine about Aidan not talking spontaneously and no two-way communication as compared to other kids, and she said, after all the notes she's taken down from me, they will have a staff meeting on Thursday and by Friday, will let me know if there is a suitable programme for Aidan.

It's going to cost us $105 per term. I suppose that is reasonable, and will start Aidan on it if they have a vacancy, for a couple of terms at least. I really want Aidan to at least know what he wants to tell us, and especially the teachers when he goes to pre-school next year. As it is, they do not accept children who are not toilet trained yet. Aidan doesn't have that problem, but he won't let the current carers at Cabena knows when he needs the toilet. And as you know, he has had a few 'accidents' there.

As we finished early, we went to Chaddy for a walk. Treated Aidan to a little scoop of ice-cream.

As for work at night, these usual mum and daughter loves coming in 15 minutes to closing. Usually they have only a script or two to fill. Tonight they came in with a bundle. And it was only Jenny the pharmacist and myself, since the other colleague was sick and her replacement went back at 11pm. Dang! Ended up closing at 12.15am and we claimed that.

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