Saturday, June 24, 2006

Madagascar Live

Aidan and myself went to The Glen to kill time.

Wilkin is home today trying to study as he will be having his exams on Monday.

During school holidays the shopping centres usually have some activities on, and at The Glen, they have kids cooking (still too old for Aidan) and live performance of Madagascar cast, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra and a couple of penguins. I had to carry Aidan throughout the show as seats were full. My arms got achy, so I carried him on my shoulder. After a while, my shoulders started aching too, but lucky it was coming to the end of it.

So we went galivanting around and I bought him a Nudie squishie drink. All natural healthy drink.

Went home around 1pm, had lunch and got Aidan to sleep.

Tonight at work I happened to call Wilkin to say I was going to go home late as I'll be having coffee and cake at Giorgio's with my colleagues. Yummy tiramisu... mmmm...... He told me then the exam is cancelled on Monday and initially he couldn't make it to tomorrow's Winter Wonderland at Docklands, but now he can.. yippee.

Aidan and myself were going to go alone and meet up with Ching and family.

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