Saturday, June 24, 2006

On top of ENTERPRIZE with Dada.

I went down to the basement and viewed the bunks. Really cramped, two little bathrooms and and wash basin in between, and a little kitchenette. There is a table in the middle of the room and the bunks surrounding it.

After all the excitement, time to head home. Aidan didn't want to leave without Miguel! So Miguel came in our car back to our place, with Ching and rest following in their car. Aidan fell asleep pretty much quickly. Might has well have his power nap.

We were supposed to go to dad in law's for dinner, but since Ching and family is around, we called up and he said to all go along. So everyone went over and had dinner, after Wilkin got some chicken and bbq roast pork takeaway.

Guess everyone was tired after that, and Aidan didn't quite protest when he realized Miguel wasn't following us in the car. All headed back to our own homes, and Aidan had an early night tonight.

Guess I'll be off to bed soon too.

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