Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Nothing much happened after the weekend.

Monday Wilkin was at home as he has previously taken leave to take his exams, but it has been postponed.

We had some leftovers of bits of the roast chicken so I bought some lettuce and cherry tomatoes and made chicken salad and brought some to work. It was nice. Healthy and low fat.

Wilkin gave me a call when I was at work, which is pretty unusual and asked me where the Panadol for children was. I thought 'No! Aidan was fine just hours ago.' He reassured me nothing was wrong with Aidan, just that Cameron (neighbour's grand daughter) is cutting her second set of molars and isn't feeling well. I told him to check in our storage cabinet. Panadol, expired. Nurofen, expired. Geezz, I had to stock up for emergency. Lucky I had another bottle of Nurofen still valid, but which was of no good to Rhonda as she said Cameron wasn't eating at all. Nurofen has to be taken on a full tummy.

So I offered to buy some Panadol when I get home, and also get one for our house in case... Expired means good news right?? Meaning Aidan didn't get sick that often.

Rhonda was already waiting for me when I got home. Poor Cameron wasn't sleeping and keep hitting her own cheeks. Hope she'll be better soon.

Today the cooking bug caught me. I made a vegetarian dish, then I braised some pork in soy sauce with cloves. Also boiled a little bit of liver soup with pickled veggie. Lastly when Wilkin got home, I steamed fish. Wow, kind of a large portion dinner tonight.

Tomorrow? Leftovers lerr, what else?

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