Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time for a cut.

Yesterday dad in law called at 9am, I was still in bed.

He wanted to date me. Haiyah, as in go out for lunch together. So he dropped by and we went to his dad's place.

Aidan played with Anissa (Wilkin's cousin who is 2 years old!) Long story. Wilkin's youngest uncle in his 40s, and wife a few years older than I am) The last time I saw her she wasn't talking. This time, her favourite words were 'No! Sa!' meaning, it's hers. She noticed Puppy which Aidan brought along (Aidan's soft toy) and started playing with it.

I noticed Aidan watching her, but he seemed alright sharing it for a while. But when it was time to leave, he had to play tug of war to get it back. Looking at the situation, I think Anissa would have taken it from him if I didn't take it from them. She kept saying 'No! Sa!'

Aidan may have his tantrums, but he is never rough. That's what I love about my boy. Then again, sometimes he does get bullied just because of this. Guess this will all take time to teach him to be firm yet gentle. Tough job. Can't be a gentleman with so many roughies out there.

Today, I had to mini vacuum the living room and wipe off the dust on most things in the living room. Guarantee it's from the heater. Darn it.

We went out and I borrowed a couple of dvds from Block Busters, then we went yumchar, as usual, the waitresses there ooh and aah-ing over him. Too bad no discounts though, heh. I took away tau-fu-far for tonight. He loves it.

We came back and I thought I should give his hair a little trim, the length around his neck and ears are bothering me. So I took a stool out to the backyard and prepared the clippers and stuff, gave him a Chuppa Chup as a treat. The moment he saw the cape and the stool, he started crying. Not even the lolly can make him sit down this time.

Anyway, managed to cut the problem areas and did a little trimming all round, with him crying buckets. Poor thing, and with his tears, his hairs were all stuck to his face.

All was okay after this, with him holding on to his lollipop and watching his fave dvd. Iknew there will be trouble again if I were to take it away from him. But it was already 2pm and he licked at it like a cat, and that will take hours to finish! I did it, and he was wailing again. Sorry mate, nap time.

He's good in a way that he only cries for a little while. So when we were already in bed, he was playing as usual and kept calling me 'Ah Mee, Ah Mee'....... till he's tired. The last thing before he went to sleep just now was he took my hand and put it round his back, asking me to hug him.... Aaaawwwww........... and he fell asleep facing me. Such an angel...

No cooking tonight... yeay.

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