Friday, June 30, 2006

Party Crasher

Had a lunch date with the Clayton playgroup mums at Macca's (Mc Donald's).

I was being good and just had a Berrycrunch yoghurt, and the other mums kept telling me to eat something else, otherwise I will get hungry quicker and tend to eat more later in the evening. Good point. So, I had a cheeseburger.

Aidan had a great time, had his Happy Meal, and a soft serve cone ice cream. It's a good thing they still have something this cheap (50 cents, still expensive compared to Hungry Jacks' 40 cents). Generous serving too.

He and other kids played at the kids section while us mums yakkety yak about everything and chocolates, with kids coming to and fro for juice, chips, sundaes, etc. etc.

Coincidently, all of us are Malaysians, with one Singaporean, all Chinese. Three from Perak region, including myself. Small world eh? Some yakked in Hokkien, while I yakked Cantonese with Ruth, the SG mum.

A birthday party started at 1.30pm and kids started arriving in fairy costumes and colourful presents. They started playing games in the room and I then noticed Aidan being guided out from the room. He party crashed! I then went to him saying he can't go in there as it wasn't our party. With the music and noise in there, he started wanting to go in more and more, so I decided we had to leave. It was 2pm anyway, which was past his naptime.

I told him we had to leave, and he started pouting, eyes getting red, and tears started to form. Before long, he started crying and screaming, and stiffened his body so I couldn't carry him. Oh well, had to get him into the car with a little force.

Straight to sleep when we got home. And when he woke up, I told him he will be going out with Dada to Miguel's place but Mummy has to go to work. He was happy to hear there is 'Gai gai'. Started to brush his teeth when Wilkin came home, telling me that BBQ has been cancelled. I said to Wilkin that Aidan has been very excited and all set to go, he will be disappointed. I didn't cook anything anyway, and with BBQ being cancelled, meaning Ching and family has to go out and eat too, so Wilkin called them up and said to have dinner together, so Aidan get to see the kids afterall.

I said to Aidan again that he will be going out with Dada, and Mummy's going to work. He was reluctant and started pulling at my hands and wanted me to go along too. I realized that now he knows that we always go out together as a family. Not that he prefers me more, but he wants all of us to be together. He cried when I didn't go with them, but I know he'll be alright after a couple fo minutes.

I had some time to myself before going to work...

Last day of June, here ends the first half of 2006...

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