Thursday, July 20, 2006

Aidan crybaby

I know, I am acting a little silly. Son crying still taking pics.

It wasn't anything actually. He did something and I started saying he was a naughty boy. After a couple of times, his eyes were red and the corners of his mouth turned down, and lower lips pouting as far as he can push it.

When I said I wasn't really scolding him, but just letting him know that he was naughty and shouldn't have done it (I forgot what he did already) and tried to comfort him, he started balling away.

I couldn't help it but the way he pouts, it's just so cute. Not that I want to see him do it often. Sigh, I know, this mummy is a little sick in the head. Bad mummy.

I had a haircut on Sunday. I specifically told the hairdresser to leave the top layer and just trim the ends shorter. Somehow this guy doesn't listen to his customers. I ended up with a layer cut all round. I know it will look better in time, but out of so many times I've been there, it was only ONCE I was satisfied with what he did. Another silly moment huh? You'd be asking why am I going back again and again. It's difficult to look for Chinese hairdresser who operates from home, hence cheaper. These are operated only by word of mouth and they do not advertise, because they only accept cash and do not pay tax! Filthy rich I should say.

So recently I got another recommendation from another mum friend and I will try this lady out next, before I leave for Malaysia.

Work is as usual, cold still lingering, stubborn and not leaving, maybe finding its host (ME!) very accomodating, as I refuse to take any medication.

Stab myself in my hand on Tuesday trying to cut open the fish' gut. And another smaller cut, and chipped nail. What wouldn't I do to fill my family's tummy.... (*Hats off, take a bow.)

I am so excited. I may be getting a new phone. I haven't decided yet. But it's time to change. The old one (LG7100) doesn't seem to be accepting the new battery well very. Moreover, the new phone is free, I only need to join a $18 per month plan for 24 months. I usually recharge $30 prepaid every time and it will last for about 2 to 2.5 months, so I guess I am not paying much extra. It will be a Motorola V3. The older version mind you, not the razor. I wish too.....

Wokay, gotta check some mails now.

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