Sunday, July 16, 2006

Steamboat at Steven's Again

I thought we were going out for dinner. So did Ching. He booked two tables at HK Restaurant near his place.

Steven thought it was a better idea to eat at home as we have so many kids among the few of us. And so he went on a grocery shopping spree. I didn't know we were having dinner at his place, this time in Doncaster, as he has moved back to his parents' house from Docklands. It was when I saw the food on the table, and I sort of scolded Wilkin for not telling me anything. You see, here, it's not nice to go to people's house empty handed. Lucky thing I brought a bottle of wine, thinking we'll be relaxing at Ching's place after dinner.

So, I actually don't mind the steamboat for sure... :)

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