Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Back to 'school'

At the play area at Bobby's Bistro. A little dark in there.

Aidan looks very happy to be back at school. He didn't attend Warooga yesterday though as he was coughing non stop.

But at Cabena, when he saw the entrance, he thrusted Puppy into my arms and ran into the room straight away. Not a stranger there anymore, he waved bye-bye to me without any hesitation and I went to Shape Station and did my trial body toning session.

There are a number of machines there which targets differents parts of the body. Basically, to me this is what I call the lazy people's gym. The machine does all the hard work and I just lie down and relax, at the same time, working at my body. Sounds perfect, but I'll let you know in two months' time about the result. By the way, I requested this to be my birthday present, so Wilkin is paying for it :P

So, tonight we went to Bobby's Bistro for dinner to celebrate Will's birthday. Aidan had fun at the play area, and I got sucked into one of those toy pick-up machine. Lost $2. It was supposed to give me 5 plays to pick up the soft 'Cars' toys, which I did, but the 'claw' doesn't grip. What a cheat. The toy fell half way to the outlet.

So, yeah, just dinner and that's it. No cake though, Will doesn't take eggs.

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