Thursday, July 06, 2006

Wilkin passed!

He passed his exams this morning.

Took him only 1/3 of the time to finished the exams and he passed. Called me straight away. Very happy for him. All the hard work and money paid off. Now to start on the second half of the course again.

Stay home day today, but went to Blockbuster to get a couple of dvds, then Aidan and myself went yum char. Got some roasted pork to cook with leek tonight. Wilkin loves leek.

And I am starting on my veggie soup diet again. Just made a whole big pot of soup. Sharon at work said my dinner always smells nice. Monday night I brought stew, and last night I brought Thai green curry chicken. She said I should make dinner for her as well when we work together, because she usually just have plain spaghetti with cheese. Haha, maybe I'll bring the soup to her.

Bought a little pack of Ferrero Rocher for Wilkin as a congratulatory gift from Aidan and myself.

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Peng said...

say CONGRATULATIONS to Wilkin....