Monday, July 10, 2006

First day at Warooga

I haven't been feeling too well for the past few days. Caught the bug from Aidan and now much I am much worse than he was.

Had to wake up early anyway and get ready for Warooga early intervention centre.

I must say I am pleased with the program, as the 'teachers' there are all professional therapists. We had one hour constructive play, teaching the four boys (not too sure if there are any more that didn't turn up, but I like the small group) to take turns to play, learning to observe, wait, listen and coupled with sign language and photos of anything that we are going to do, like they had to take a pic of me holding my coffee mug, indicating that I will be away with the other mums for a break while they free play at the second hour.

He did well considering the first time. He was willing to share toys and learnt to say 'GO' when prompted with 'Ready, set' .... There was another chinese boy Clarence and his mum Doreen is from Singapore. He is the most disobedient among the four. He just cannot sit still. The teachers had to really hold him down many times, and he's already been there for a term or two, I think.

Last night was hell busy, lucky I was kind enough to turn up for work, ahem, because no one else was available.

So anyway, had to go now, Aidan didn't sleep today. He's up right now watching one of his fave dvds and trying to sing along.

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