Friday, July 14, 2006

Poor Nose

Haven't been feeling well of late, since last Sunday to be exact.

I remember wanting to take sick leave, not because I really can't work, but I wasn't feeling a hundred percent and wanted to rest, plus Pirates of the Carribean was on TV :P

Unfortunately, no one can work and I didn't want to leave my colleagues stranded. Well, of course if I were really sick, I couldn't care less about them, but I wasn't. And I'll feel guilty for pulling a 'false' sicky on them.

Contemplated taking the leave on Monday night, but went to work. Then think think about Wednesday night too, still went to work. Tomorrow night? I don't know, guess I'll work. Thing is, my nose is really, really, raw and sore from blowing too much. I am already using Kleenex soft Eucalyptus tissues. Imagine using the normal ones, ouch.....

The only time which I felt worse was in the mornings, when I used dozens of tissues and tonnes of sneezings. Geee... get well soon.

When I returned home from work last night, I received an SMS from a colleague of mine, and it was a chain SMS. I can't believe she sent that to me. Although I don't believe in it, I still can't help feeling this thing is a little creepy. I hate those chain things where it curses people. I replied 'how lame'. Not her, but the chain SMS. It's so lame to use this tactic to generate more usage of phone calls. Obviously it benefits all networks as it doesn't matter whom you send to, those who really believe in it will keep on forwarding it.

Anyway, this morning when I checked my phone, it said I had a missed call. At bloody 4.30 in the morning from this colleague of mine!!! What in the world is she doing up at 4.30am and trying to wake everyone up??!! That is if my phone was on. I always switch it off at night. Unless I forgot about it. Like right now. Hang on, I'll go switch it off.

I'll have to call her tomorrow. I must admit I am pretty curious.

Moving on.. not much mischief from Aidan. He is totally into Thomas the Tank at the moment, after Blues Clues last week. And am trying to teach him pee standing up now. He will stick his little tummy out as if to adjust the perfect aim for the toilet bowl. Well of course I have to help, otherwise I will end up wiping the sides of the bowl every single time, or floor.

Practice makes perfect.....

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