Saturday, July 15, 2006


I pulled a sicky last night, at last.

For one, I was and am still sniffling away, and this is the first time I've experienced, it just runs down my nose and drips! Am not talking about the sticky mucousy stuff you usually blow out. This is just liquid and it dripped! Okay, done with enough details.

We went to dad in law's for a visit, then to Vince' (Wilkin's Italian schoolmate) place to return a couple of tapes Wilkin borrowed on World Cup. His family insisted we went in for coffee. And so we did. Aidan was the centre of attraction, a bit shy, but warmed up very soon after seeing the chocolates and orange juice.

When we said goodbye, Aidan was hugged by everyone, and he did something very funny. When Santina, Vince' mum, (she's a jolly plump lady) hugged him, Aidan responded by touching her breast! He must have never seen one so errrmm...., well cushioned. We all had a good laugh and Vince' dad said to Aidan 'Nice and soft'. Aidan touched it again. I was a little embarrassed, but he's only a curious little boy. Let's see if he does that to my mum when we go back.

Will be going out for dinner with Ching and family, extended family (his sis and family), Steven and Rita, and their friend Rudy who is visiting from overseas.

Reminder, camera.

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