Monday, July 31, 2006

Lost George

Last night was funny.

Ten minutes to closing time at work, wandered in a puppy which eyes so round and looked oh so cute. Looked like one of the terrier breed, but of course, am not expert, I don't know which one.

Anyway, it was way too friendly. I called it in and he came running to me. My colleague Erin and I, we were thinking his owner will be around the corner and played with it for a while. Two minutes passed, no owner. We looked up his name tag, which proved quite a difficult task, as he thought we were playing with him and wriggled everywhere, licking our hands. He was darn smelly as it was raining outside.

He's got a name! George! And I called the numbers provided. The owner sounded pleasant and asked me for a favour, to give George a good spank on the bottom. Haha! Apparently he walked George for two hours that day and back home at the very opportunity the front gate was left open, out he ran.

We had to close the store and so we tied George with a ribbon and waited for his owner outside. He was a big man, wearing only a short sleeve shirt! And pants of course. There we were in long sleeves and scarves and I was hugging myself from the wind. Gee, being big in winter is good. But, no thanks.

We said goodbye to George and I felt happy that night for I found a lost puppy and returned it to his owner :)

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