Saturday, August 26, 2006

At Iris Buffet

Thought we were having dinner on Tuesday night, Wilkin's actual birthday but apparently his dad wants to have Father's day dinner on that night and so we had Wilkin's birthday dinner tonight.

We have three generations of fathers on that day, supposedly a grand affair lah. For those who are wondering, Australia is somewhat special, or strange if you like to call it, as it celebrate Father's Day on a different date from the rest of the world.

Back to the dinner, Bessie bought a Jamaican chocolate cheesecake for Wilkin. I ordered a chocolate mud cake for Tuesday though, so darn it, hope I won't put back what I lost. We (Us three, dad in law, Bessie and Will) went to Iris buffet at Glen Iris, which is only about ten to fifteen minutes drive from my place. Packed with people, and reminded us so much of Hongkies and Malaysians and Singaporeans. All KIASU!! It's like packing your plates to the brim as if there is no tomorrow. Mostly asians and students.

Here's Aidan eating his bits. And his sundae. When we finished and got out from the restaurant our clothes and hair smell of the food in there. Yucks.

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