Monday, August 28, 2006

OMG!! First sentence!

I was drying out the clothes in the house again as the weather hasn't been that good. As usual Aidan was zooming around me, trying to help out, and lining up all the pegs in a row for one garment.

He got to one of his blankies which I wash everyday, thanks to Jackie, we call them 'Chau chau'. He picked it up, obviously wet, and he said 'Chau chau all wet.' What the??!?!?!!!! Wow!! I was so excited I immediately asked Wilkin if he heard that. I think he was excited as well, but he just smiled. And that was only it. Nothing more after that. That was the only sentence. Good start anyway.

I think I worked for free tonight. But I guess I'll know in a couple of days when I get the fine in the mail. Was driving over 70kph on a 60 zone. And while unaware, listening and singing to the radio, and meantime I think I was about to dig into my nose (just joking, but who knows :P) when there was a FLASH from the opposite car which was parked on the grass. At that second, I went S%$T!! S%*T!! S^#T!! Boooohhooooohooooo..... Can only hope I don't get anything from them in the mail. Fingers tightly crossed.

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