Saturday, August 26, 2006

Loving every moment of it

Aidan sang along, Hip Hip Hooray three times, and at last he shouted 'BLOW!' Well, actually came out more like 'buou'.

Everyone had a piece of cake, and in laws went home after that.

We bought a single door pantry cupboard earlier today and took us both nearly an hour to assemble it. So I had a kitchen spring clean tonight, at 9pm. Sounds crazy, well, I love everything to go into that cupboard, and while I was at that already, I cleared up other cabinets as well, and threw out quite a lot of things, most expired sauces and pastes, with some dated back to 2004! I like buying easy to mix sauces time to time, and they kept accumulating without me actually cooking them. There flies my money. Better than having a sore tummy.

Ended up having my bath at fifteen to midnight. What a fruitful day.

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