Thursday, August 24, 2006

Spidey Chair from Toys R Us

Went jalan-jalan yesterday with no aim, and didn't want to go to the playgroup. Well, I didn't feel like it.

This is a very dangerous past-time, this jalan-jalan with no aim stuff. You tend to spend the money you didn't think of spending. I have a $50 Toys R Us voucher which I redeemed from my credit card points, don't know what to get for Aidan.

Thought of getting him a new decent train track set, but maybe I'll wait a little while longer, as he seems to be moving on from his toys rather quickly. But I have always intended to get a Leap Pad, so maybe I'll get just that soon, as his birthday present for next month.

Moving around, found this spidey chair original price $30, and on sale for $9.99. Yalar, $10. KIASU mar, have to get one. Great bargain, I have been wanting to get a kiddy chair ever since we got rid of the high chair. He has to learn to sit down and eat with us. Well, I do eat with him at his little table during lunch. We've got this antique folding kiddy chair from my dad in law, and I think it's about time it went outside to the back.



Jocelyn Fung said...

Hi Sandee, You might want to get him a LeapPad Plus Writing Learnng System instead which is the next generation up. It is much better value for money. It comes with an added led which you can insert into the pen/pencil holder & wa lah... you've got a pencil for him to write. Plus Writing teach him how to write/ draw shapes... etc by just following the dotted lines on the writing & reading book. It is really cool. Valerie has one too & she loves it!

Here is the link :

Take care now!


sweetpea said...

thanks jocey. i think u've made my decision.