Thursday, August 24, 2006

Having a Cornetto treat

He has been a good boy today. We went yumchar after the therapist from Warooga Early Intervention came for a home visit.

Had been toying with the idea of bringing Aidan to the pool last night, but it has been raining since then and most of today, so no way. Aidan will definitely love it, just that Amee is not prepared to run in and out of the pool after him. Bbbrrrrrrr...

During yumchar, he ate a good amount of which I am satisfied with. Lately, he has been holding food in his mouth, and that gets me very frustrated. Not with him directly, but knowing that there isn't much in his little tummy gets me all ruffed up. So, when he asked for ice-cream today, I gladly gave one to him.

We will have' tau fu far' for dessert after his bath.

He just repeated something I said!! "Hey, top it." Hhahahaaa, ahem, that's actually 'stop it'. For no reason though, he was just saying it. I didn't to anything! How funny.

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