Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Aidan wet his pants yet again.

Yeah, yesterday at Cabena he did it.

I told him many many times to tell the carers if he wants to go, but he just wouldn't do it. But as usual, luckily I do pack an extra set of clothings just in case there are paint spills, or one of those little accidents.

Did my last minute birthday shopping for Wilkin's birthday present as it is next Tuesday. I won't have the time to shop anymore with Aidan tagging along for the rest of the week. I bought him a pair of pants, ordered a cake, and will buy his favourite chocolate, Ferrero Rocher. It's just so difficult to get something for a guy. I did ask him if he wants to go 'aerochuting', it's like parachuting but the sails are long instead of round. He said he's not interested. I think he is, only think that I think he thinks it's a hassle to travel to the other side of Melbourne early in the morning for it, get what I mean? He's umph for exciting things in life has somewhat dwindled.

Hey everyone in Ipoh, please go to my brother's new stall at Woolley and Bong Chan Bong Chan, okay? He sells pork noodles and maybe he has added a few more things recently. As to which stall, jeezz, sorry, I don't know. But anyone that knows Jackie, please ask her :P

Or look for a short Chinese lady, that's my sister in law, with her son, a tall dark skinny 30ish young man. My brother will be there sometimes, a normal looking size, but kinda big belly man with grey hairs. Say you are my friend and you may get more stuff in your bowl :) Funny how all from the same family, but all different in sizes, kekeke.

Went to Toys R Us today, and couldn't resiste buying a Spiderman Play chair for Aidan. It usually costs $30 but selling only for $10! Kiasu mar!

Did some vacuuming yesterday, not the floor, but the surface of everything. It's just disgusting seeing it covered in a layer of dust. I told Jackie and she said why I don't just wipe them with wet wipes, but I think it will still leave a line of the wet dust that looks like lint. Also it's because it's not a flat surface. I have mountains of toys, sigh, and it's just easier to suck 'em! Haha.

Wanted to continue tomorrow but got a last minute call just now from Warooga asking for a visit tomorrow morning. So I had to do the surface cleaning at least, and Aidan's room. Don't want to look like a mum or housewife who doesn't keep her house clean!!

So off I go now.

* Jackie informed me that my brother's stall is somewhere next to the washroom. Handy..

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