Friday, August 18, 2006

Mood downers

The week has been pretty much uneventful, except maybe for today, and last night, where I read and hear about children as young as 3 years old, that's Aidan's age, being murdered, and it's really distressing.

More disturbing is that, the murderers are only 10 years old! If you want the stories, go here:

and you have been warned. These are not feel good stories.

All the more it makes me think, how safe is it nowadays out there?

And also, baby seals being hunted in Norway and Canada as sports. These defenseless little creature being killed just for fun and human's luxurious lifestyle that they can do without. Another upsetting story.

Then, today, at playgroup, a friend Lena, didn't turn up again for the second week. Turned out to be, her second son Justin, barely two years old, has bacteria infection in the bones at the hips. (Osteomyelitis). Had an operation and just being discharged today. He'll be on antibiotics for the next five weeks and this is the crucial time. If not treated properly, he may walk with a limp. Worst thing is, when Ruth, another friend, visited her, the mother-in-law kept putting the blame on her. This of course was mentioned when Lena wasn't around. I told Ruth, if it was me, I would have told the MIL off, as it is no one's fault and the worst time to put the blame on anyone.

I can't imagine how heartbreaking this is and can only thank god that Aidan is so healthy, apart from the common cold.

Coming back to the crime stories, it makes my skin feels all creepy crawly to even just imagine not keeping an eye on one's child for just a split of a second. What happened to the times when we can just play outside without looking over our shoulders? And for the adults, not being robbed or worse, pushed to the ground and some suffer fatal falls? Lives wasted and taken just like that.

Not feeling good. Blog another day.

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