Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lost some cms

Went for my 10th body toning session this morning, and Janice said it's time for 'weigh-in'.

So I did the usual stuff and at the end of the session, she did all the measurements and surprisingly, I did lose a kilo. I asked her 'Is this right?' as I do not quite trust the scale. When I first did the weigh-in it was at 53kg so I was pleased that it showed 52.

Then I thought, maybe it was coupled with the fact that I was sick last two weeks, and my appetite weren't that good. I gave up weighing myself at home quite some time as it wasn't going anywhere. And when I got home, I jumped on my own scale, TWICE, and the reading confirmed the same one at Shape Station. Hahaha!

Also, Janice told me that I lost some cms overall. I do notice that the pants I wear for work is a little lose around the crotch area, but I thought maybe it was wear and tear, you know, the longer you have the attire, the more it gives way? Plus I don't see myself any thinner in front of the mirror while bathing EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I still see that thick waist, thunder thighs, and flabby arms. Not to mention jelly tummy.

SO, although I didn't lose much, I am happy I lost a little something!! Great birthday gift! Saves me money from shopping too much too, if I weren't spending time there.

I guess I will have to stick to the boring healthy food, UNTIL October!

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Ves said...

I'm still 58kg :(