Friday, August 04, 2006

Pakenham Lakeside

I wasn't feeling too well a couple of days back. Must have pulled a muscle around the ribcage area and couldn't even carry Aidan. Am quite alright now, except when I sneeze.

Yesterday we went to Leigh's new house in Pakenham. It's a half hour drive using the M1 freeway and was a little intimidated with all the gigantic trucks and trailers.

Beautiful new suburb, with a manmade lake, and the houses you see here easily cost over half a mil. Leigh's house is in this area but not by the lakeside, so it's cheaper, costing her 200k plus. This is considered cheap for a house, because this place is rather far from the city.

Sue was there with her little baby girl too. Kaya is such a sweet sweet baby. Didn't cry for the whole time we were there, and was always smiling. And such beautiful eyes. Yes, am clucking, but no, not having another one unless we have a windfall of 9 million dollars from the Tattslotto.

And she loves Aidan around. And he shared Puppy with her too. He said 'Here you go' and shoved Puppy to her, and nearly covered her whole top body, as she and Puppy were almost the same size!

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