Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aidan's new train set

We went to Chadstone Toys R Us yesterday to get a present for Wilkin's friend's son Christopher.

Looked at lots of things, and wanted to get a kiddy scooter for Aidan, but he refused to even 'test drive' so nope. No point getting it now as he doesn't even want to touch it. Too bad, I thought it was a good buy though. Guess that have to wait.

As for Christopher's present, Wilkin wanted to get some toys fit for 6 months old babies and up, and I wanted to get a bouncy ball. We disputed over a couple of toys, and at last settled for a beginner's train set, which we already have a box in our hands for Aidan. So we got another box.

Aidan was very excited the whole time, and said 'Twain set' all the way home, carrying it and never letting it go. After assembling it, he spent hours on them and refused to go for his arvo nap. Well, I had to force him to.

We didn't go anywhere fun and for dinner, we went to Springvale to have Vietnamese noodles. And a quiet night at home.

This morning, after his milk in bed, he immediately scrambled down the bed and said 'Twain set' while running into the living room. I asked Wilkin if he mentioned that to Aidan, and he said no. This boy. I think he must have been dreaming about it too.

Nothing much to blog about this weekend. Oh yeah, except that it's Father's Day today. Happy Father's Day!


mika's mummy said...

hey, pretty flowers at ur backyard.

Aidan must be having tons n tons of fun with his new train set these days huh...he looks so cute in all the pics.

sweetpea said...

Thanks. Try to keep backyard neat and nice. More at the front, will take pics when in full bloom. Something I love about spring, but not the hayfever!