Thursday, September 07, 2006


For the past few days, Aidan's favourite word is NO.

Everytime I ask him something, even if he wants his favourite movies, or lollies, he'll say 'No?' Note the tone of it, ending with a question mark. But after a few seconds, he will ask for the same thing.

Funny sometimes, but after a while it gets to me as everything is NO when I want something done.

On Tuesday we went yumchar with my dad in law and his family, as they will be sending his dad to the aged care for a month, a supposedly 'vacation' plus care for him because the son and family that looks after him will be holidaying to Hong Kong. They had a KL friend with them, and as it was the first time for Aidan to see her, he was all coy and shy. He even gave her his sweetest smile. No, she's not young and pretty, just a woman. She couldn't resist taking out her camera and took his pic. Don't think I'll be getting any of it back. I don't know her well.

And yesterday instead of going to the playgroup, I brought him to Amber's playhouse instead. It was raining heavily and I didn't want to 'load' and 'unload' him in the rain. A shopping centre carpark is the best answer to this situation. It's been 4 months since we were there and the moment he saw the colourful structure, he was all excited and jumping non stop. He had a great time, I had a little time to read and sip on a latte, and we both had nuggets and chips for lunch.

And this morning, best day ever. After his daily routine, which is milk in my bed, and as it is our 'free' day today, no programmes, I lay in bed with him. I drifted in and out, asking for a kiss, and he for 'Ig hug' (big hug). We were lying face to face, and for the first time, he just called out 'Ah Mee' and started stroking my hair, as if to sayang me! Waahh, you guessed it lar. My heart just melted.

Me good mood today ler :)

We went to Chaddy and ordered for a cake for his party. Oh yes, it will be on 23rd Saturday. I also ordered for a mini balloon deco, and got lots of goodies for the lootbags. As Jackie say, 'Bar bai lor' Looking forward to the big day. My anniversary day dampen in contrast. After putting in so much energy into one event, can hardly think of what to do for the it, which is one week after. BUT, will think of something nevertheless.

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