Friday, September 08, 2006

Chris Who??

Aidan has been talking a lot more, and naturally, he's trying to follow whatever he hears.

Last Sunday, when Wilkin brought him to a steamboat dinner at Alex' place, lots of kids were there. Ching's kids, Ching's sister's daughter Charlotte, and Alex' son Christopher.

For the past couple of days, when Aidan watched the videoclips and whenever he spotted Christopher, here's the good part, guess what he said?


It's Chris, with a pause, and 'Afark?' as in asking a question.

Buuaahhhahhahahaaaaaa.......... it's funny! I mean, it IS funny, at home, that is. Tried correcting him everytime, hopefully he won't shout this out loud when we are out, but to no avail, yet.


Moving on, am staying home tonight as Wilkin has got his company's annual dinner to attend. Initially he said let Bessie take care of Aidan and he'll be back right after dinner. Now it's not that I don't trust Bessie, say it's my fault, am not ready for anyone else to take care of him. It's that something in me that I can't let go. Any mums out there understand me?

So here we are, both of us, to Blockbuster and I got him a Hi-5 and a Toy Story. Guess what? He didn't like it at all! Usually when he's sort of afraid of something he'll run into the kitchen and stand behind the bin, but still watching. As if that will protect him. For this movie, he went two feet further back, right to the back door. Somehow he's not ready for that yet I think. So he watched Hi-5 and here he is relaxing in front of the TV.

Wilkin called earlier and he told me that he and his colleagues were waiting for the bus for take them to a secret and surprise destination. And called again about an hour later to tell me that he just got off the helicopter!! Waahhh!!! I want to get on one too!!! He's now enjoying dinner at a vineyard in Coldstream, east of Melbourne.

He missed last two year's dinner as he opted not to go, but perhaps to be in the good books he attended this year's. Last year it was the plane to some island. I only attended the formal dinner his first year there, and that was when Aidan wasn't even conceived yet. Oh well, lucky I stayed home tonight, otherwise Bessie would have had to stay till after midnight. Wilkin said he won't be back early.

I'll be watching Napoleon Dynamite after Aidan goes to bed.

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