Saturday, September 30, 2006

Belated Anniversary Cake

Chestnut cake. Kinda tasty, but looks corny doesn't it? So Hongkie :P
Yalar, what do you expect? This one I got it from a chinese shop.

Anyway, full steam ahead today for me and non-stop preparing food and entertaining and cleaning up. Robot auto-mode.

Started off the day at 8.30am and we had to go to the supermarket to get fresh meat, and collected the cake. I made salad and satay chicken skewers while dad in law made prawn skewers, marinated chicken wings and vietnamese rolls. I also prepared rice with sambal ikan bilis and acar. You think what? Of course buy one lar, hehe.

First round BBQ, 12noon with family and Vince.

Second round BBQ, 1.30pm with Alex, Becky and Christopher. Alex had to work at 6pm, so Wilkin sent him off to work at 5pm. Aidan took a little nap then, lucky he wanted to sleep, otherwise he'll be so tired and cranky later in the evening.

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