Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Consequences of speeding

For both Aidan and myself.

Me, I got my infringement notice. A hefty $134 and 1 demerit point. ^%$^%$##^~@**!!!

Wilkin suggested that I appeal. I did it once, got away with it, but I doubt this time I will as it was squarely my fault and I knew it. But what you don't ask, you won't know right?

And as for Aidan, yes. Him. He was speeding on his bike at the backyard, 'skidded' and toppled over the flower patch, bike sideways, him head down by the fence and couldn't get up. Funny scene, actually.

I was on the phone chattering away to a friend, and quickly went to his rescue. I shouldn't have reacted so eagerly, because I realized when I did that, he cried even louder as if wanting to milk my sympathy dry. But the drama was all over within a minute.

He went about playing and riding on his bike again. Next thing I saw was nothing I expected. He pulled down his pants, and wee into the pail. Dada, any explanation for that?? Pull up his pants again, then carried the pail over to the flower patch and fertilize them.

I was like *rubbing eyes* 'Huh?!! What just happened?!'


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