Friday, September 15, 2006

He Did It Again!

He pee-ed in the pail again today!

I was gardening, back facing him, and then I heard the very familiar sound of water hosing into the pail.

Little bubby then tried pulling up his pants, only managed to pull up the fronts of both undies and pants, but the backs still hanging under both his little bum cheeks. Naturally, I went to his aid, and needless to say, he continued to nourish the flowers. It's a good thing I rinsed the pail, as much later he had it on his head, like when he loved doing this: Gettin' Jiggy Withit

Laugh or cry??

Plus again I had to tell Wilkin to be careful of what he says in front of Aidan. Between the both of us, he swears more than I do, and whenever he gets his answers wrong when he is studying, there goes the four letter word.

Because.... this morning Aidan said it twice!

Ayoyo! Someone, please. I need to double up. Minyak angin AND smelling salts!!

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