Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Swimmin' and a splashin'

Aidan in his swimwear. Decided to go swimming today instead of playgroup as I can guarantee he'll have more fun there. Plus my wash-hair day too, hehe. Here he is with his mouthful of brekky and his Tweety Bird float.

It's been a while since we've gone swimming and I didn't think he remembers the word. I brought out the floats to show him and you can see that he just lits up and started doing everything that I told him to, and repeating the word swimming.

I can't take pics at the pool as they have this privacy act. Well, actually I can, but have to go through the hassle of signing forms and stuff. It's a great place with a baby pool, a toddler pool, then there's the wave pool, and another kids' training pool, a aquatic size lap pool, and finally an outdoor lap pool. Aidan kept going to and fro between the baby and toddler and I had to run after him.

He was just beaming and laughing and smiling, grinning, jumping. Wow, all the expressions you can think of with the upturn corners of his lips.

I gather he is one happy boy today as he got to swim, then had lunch at Macca's (McD) and ice cream at home.

Just adding a little note in here, I think I contracted conjunctivitis from the pool as my left eye is red and sore now. Bugger it! Was uncomfy at work and had to get some eye drops. Aidan seem fine and hope it stays that way. Double bugger as it's my day off tomorrow after 4 working days too.


Mommy to Chumsy said...

Hi Wai Ching. You have a nice blog. Complete with music too, eh? Aidan looks a lot like his daddy.

sweetpea said...

Wha??!!! Not me meh?? Thanks for the compliment on the blog though :P