Friday, September 29, 2006

Popiah and Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream

Went to Ruth's place this morning and we made popiah for lunch. Yum yum.

Yes, I know, scold me. I forgot the camera.

I made some fairy cupcakes over. Aidan licked all the sugar icing and passed me the cupcake. Clever. He had fun at the sandpit. Jemima put sand on his head, he thought that was very funny and laughed very loudly. When I peeped at them the second time, he put sand on Justin's head this time and thought that was very funny too, laughed till he dripped of saliva.

Ruth, Lena and myself had fun chatting too as we can talk rots while the kids mess things up. As we are from neighbouring countries, Malaysia and Singapore, we have so much in common. Our slang, and we can mix match Manglish and Singlish, and yet be comprehendable.... cool.

Had to get home as I had to work, but reached home late, and Aidan wasn't sleeping anymore. All the more wide awake when Wilkin came back early, as he came home from work at past midnight last night.

YES! BUMMER IT! Anniversary day and nothing doing.

About the black glutinous rice with ice cream, try it. It's great! Has to be thick, and has to be vanilla ice cream. Mmm....

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