Friday, November 17, 2006

Aidan without nappies

Aidan is officially without nappies for the first night ever. That was last night.

He has been waking up with dry nappies eversince we got back from Malaysia, even then he had a few good nights of dry ones. There was only once, or was it twice, that he had a little 'accident', but that was it.

I was so tempted to just let him sleep without it, yet I wasn't too confident about it. So I waited till I got this, and now there's no turning back.

So far so good.

But one thing that isn't too good is that he whinges everytime I am off to work. The moment he sees me slipping on my stockings, or wearing my work shirt, he'll try to take them off and starts crying. This happens after we got back from the holidays. Although it feels great to know that he wants me, Wilkin isn't too happy about it as he is left with trying to calm Aidan down. No, he's not jealous, but luckily Aidan is just making a small fuss usually, and he pretty much quickly goes back to what he is doing, or so Wilkin says.

Okay, am off now to watch a little 'Justice to be Seen' ... nite.

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