Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Are all men like that?!

I've got to get it out my chest! My mouth, my mind, WHATEVER!

For the gazillionth time, I told my dear hubby to check his pockets before throwing his clothes into the laundry bin. Once it's in there, I won't be doing any spot checks for coins, lighter, ID, gums, lipstick mark, TISSUES.

So you can imagine my horror when I take OUR clothes out from the washing machine. White flakes covering EVERY SINGLE garment. I nearly tore my hair out, not that I have much left!

I have to spend double the time shaking each and every piece of clothing, yeap, that includes socks and Aidan's undies too.

Was it him? Definitely! No other garment in the load that has a pocket, except his pair of jeans and my culottes, and I can swear on all the hair on my body, the tissue wasn't mine.

And since I am onto my dear other half, I am wondering if most men are so single minded? I mean, the ones who are, can they be daft at times, not so romantic, stubborn? A little like Wilkin? Or the other type of character of their species are so sleek and cunning, and can be a two or three timing wolf?

Hands down of course I'll choose the former, yet, you can't help but wonder if there is any cure to a little of those trades they own.

Scenario one :

W: Where is Aidan's hat?

S: In his bag.

After a while

W: Not there

I went into the room and got the hat

S: In his Thomas bag.

(He searched for it in the Elmo bag, but the two bags were placed at the same spot)

Must I be that specific? It is a fault not to elaborate i.e. 'in his room, at the front zip pocket in the Thomas bag , which is in the mesh basket behind the door?'

Scenario two :

At the shopping complex, after buying some shelves, and Wilkin needs to take them to the car first.

S: We'll wait for you here (at an open space cafe where no one was there as it wasn't open for business)

We went behind the barriers to look at some shops, but I made sure we can be seen. After a couple of minutes, I noticed Wilkin glancing through the place effortlessly, decided that he couldn't see us, and went straight into the supermarket.

WHAT THE???!!!!!!

Time out now, Aidan's awake.

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