Saturday, November 11, 2006

St. Mary Magdalene's School Fete and Carnival

It's a once a year thing where they use the money they get on the day for school funds and projects.

This is one of my choice for Aidan's primary education, or maybe St. Christopher which is a little further. But that's another 2 years to decide.

Of course he had fun. I had to spend a few good dollars for the jumping castles and animal farm. Wilkin wasn't with us as he went to his uncle's place to fix the pc for his son. So I wasn't able to get many pics. Aidan was in between wanting to touch the rabbits but a little scared. He fed the hungry sheep though.

Paid twenty cents for a rubber B1 which he refused to let go. Tried getting him Jack Jack (The Incredibles) but he didn't want it.

From the day we came back from Malaysia, it has been smooth sailing for his toilet training at night, except for one 'accident' so far. I am very happy, and now wondering if I'll be able to finish the load of nappies I bought. Choi Choi! I rather not use it lar of course. Let me have more confidence in myself first, and Aidan, and I won't get him to wear a nappy at night. This is a big step for me. As I am not too keen on cleaning and drying up a wet bed.

Fingers crossed.

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