Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aidan's haircut

Nothing much happened during the week, except that I've been extremely lazy, busy at work, stressed, because work environment has taken a worse change for all staff. Boss is not making profit, and he suspects certain staff is/are stealing.

No fun working at the place when boss doesn't trust anyone. BUT, it's the nearest to my place, and I don't see him often, as I work nights, so, I can still bear with it, at the moment.

Plus, my brother's stall tutup kedai, as he had an accident two days ago, where he fell off his bike trying to avoid a car. He had a fractured shoulder and two fractured ribs, not to mention bruises all over. Get well soon, bro.

And today, brought Aidan for his haircut. Usually he isn't very good with electric clippers, but today, he just sat quietly through it. I was surprised. Then again, I think he's growing up and he understands more what I want to tell him. With a bribe of a Chuppa Chup after it.

He's like a different boy!

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