Thursday, November 30, 2006


So he went around Chaddy holding on to the bag on one hand, and Fimbo on the other.

Oddly enough, he has been shoving Fimbo into my face many times today asking me to kiss it. Wonder why...

We met up with Sharon (my colleague) and her cousin for a cuppa at Gloria Jeans. Got myself a Chai Latte and Aidan a strawberry smoothie. Parted after that, and we continued shopping. Bought myself a pair of Skechers in black. Yeay!! For work, or out, whatever. It's so light a comfortable. But errr, price not that comfortable, hehe.

Walked pass teacup ride, and Aidan rushed in. I gave in and he had a round on it.

In the evening, we walked to Seven Eleven down the road, and bought him an ice cream. By the time we reached home, it was almost finished, and that's the pic today. Went on to have more fun with a bucket of water. Didn't dare use up too much water as we have restrictions here now due to the drought.

Love the weather today.

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