Thursday, November 09, 2006

Back to usual routines. When's my next trip back arr??

Melbourne Cup day was nothing exciting to us. We went for yum char with dad in law and in the evening, well, something different for us, we went for dinner, just the three of us, to a bar and lounge and have a good meal.

Pay expensive = Good meal. Get it???

Wilkin had his favourite porterhouse steak, and I had atlantic salmon. Aidan had the bits from us. And after that we went to Gelato to have ice cream.

Oh yeah, fyi, one balloon is still surviving and flying high in my living room. Remember the three treated helium balloons I got for Aidan's birthday? That was end of September. I told Wilkin to keep the base when the balloons 'die' but when we got back from Malaysia two were still around, and only last week, one decided it had lived long enough. So there you go, got my two pence worth!

Went to Chaddy this morning to buy Aidan a James light and sound train. 40% off at Myers. On the way there waiting to turn out to main street, me stationary, this car from behind knocked into my behind. Whoa, this Ahmee of course steamed up and pointed to this guy to drive to the side. When I got down from the car to inspect the damage, there was hardly any. But sounded the Indian guy all the same. He looked a little uneasy, said his brakes wasn't working well, but didn't apologize. Geeezz, told him to get his brakes done and dont' cause anyone any trouble like this. Not so lucky for him if his car was moving fast. Not to mention the 'victim' too. Guess it might not be a no-harm-done case if I was driving my Daewoo. You know lar, Korean car.

Aidan was oblivious to the whole thing. Bless him. He's been a pretty good boy so far, today. Last night he came running out for the 4th night in a row, wanting to pee, but instead of looking at me and said the usual 'Pooo' he said 'Hewo daneeng'... and smiled, blurry eyes and all. OMGosh! Isn't he cute and lovable??!

I have the loveliest boy I can have, but most of the time he is a handful.. Sigh. When there is Yin there is always a Yang, right?

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