Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Allergy Test

We went to Warooga this morning, only to find out that the class is closed for the week, as tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day. What the heck. What has it got do to with kids huh?

So we went to a new park, and we met a new Joshua, who happens to be going to the same pre-school that Aidan attends next year.

In the afternoon, brought him to the doc for his allergy test, and found that he is highly sensitive to grass, meaning pollens and stuff, just like me, he has hayfever. Nothing much can be done, except for taking antihistamines if it's really bad. And to minimise it, the doctor said to stay indoors during the cool change days, which will happen a lot in summer, from hot during the day, to cool in the evening. Plus try applying some Vaseline to his nose when it's windy, to try trap the pollens and prevent them from entering his nostrils.

ANYWAYS....... I am very very ecstatic and want to share this amazing news with you. I was winding down from work last night and was chatting online with a friend when Aidan came running out from his room, eyes still half-closed, and muttered 'Poooo' Imagine the shock on my face. I helped him to the toilet for his pee, and he went straight back to sleep. Was that great or was that great??!!!

Told Wilkin, and tried not to get too excited over it, but he did it again just now! If this is really happening, I can save the nappy money (not that it's much now) and buy a scooter for him but most importantly, this is another milestone.


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