Monday, November 06, 2006

Lazing away

Jackie asked why I didn't post this pic. So here it is, you are witnessing my dear little boy enjoying his evening on this freshly painted old swing in Ipoh that has been there forever. Try 37 years. Or more.

Didn't manage to do a second coating. Either I am out having coffee with friends, or Aidan isn't asleep, or it was raining. Can't paint when Aidan is awake, or his name will be Silver Boy. Might continue next year. Seriously.

We had a great night at Ching's on Saturday, Aidan was happy to meet up with his old mates after being away for so long. And also we had a very short notice to attend Vince' birthday lunch today. So we got the Krispy Kreme doughnuts for everyone. For your info, Italian families are a big lot. They are very close-knit and stick by each other. Well, at least for this one we know, they are. You can't help but love his parents, especially his mum Santina, who makes wonderful, superlicious food. And today, I was introduced to Prosciutto e mozzarella, which I am loving it now.

And now, we are already being invited to his sister's birthday on 23rd December. Wahahaha! LUCKY ME! World's best Italian food!

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