Friday, November 03, 2006

Krispy Kreme in Chadstone

I have yet to see where the outlet is. But no one can possibly miss the dozens of signboards posted everywhere throughout the centre. Have tried it once when Steven brought it back from Sydney, but doubt I'll buy it myself for this wicked wicked indulgence.

I took some pics of Aidan from my camera, unfortunately I can't transfer them into my pc, or maybe I haven't read the manual yet?

We had 'Spotty Dog' ice-cream at Trampoline, and then Aidan couldn't tear himself away from the giant snowglobe which actually 'snows' inside it, complete with Santa and christmas tree.

Can't imagine it's already that time of the year again. And time to get some tiny presents for Kris Kringle, and dig out my six year old mini christmas tree for deco. This year I have a new candle burner which features the theme. Can't wait to put it out soon.

Aidan is doing much better in bed, he only ran out from the room FOUR times last night, as opposed to running out and crying at the same time previously. I tricked him into staying in bed at last with the help of the CD player, playing one of his favourite cd, an educational one in mandarin. He likes the little boy's voice in it.

He misses my grandnieces still, and singing the songs they sang together. Plus out of the blue he'll just say 'Jackie, Wee Weeet' and 'Uncle' referring to Jackie and Frank. As for the Wee Weeet, it's the whistling sound they share. Sounds so sentimental right? Sigh, next year again lor.

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