Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bai Woo Loong

Aiyoh, me wu tiong tiong, bai woo loong liao.

Last Wednesday was my dad in law's birthday, and only Wilkin, myself and Aidan celebrated with him and belanja him to dinner the Saturday before the actual day, as he doesn't like celebrating on a later day. Superstitious, say not good. Bessie and Will couldn't make it as they were both working.

And on the actual date, I belanja him yum char lunch. So I thought it's all good, and Wilkin said to have another dinner next week so Bessie and Will can come too. It's my fault not checking my organizer. So I thought it's to compensate the week before, and instead of buying a cake, I said I'll make one. I wanted to try make this Choc-Orange Ice Cream Cake anyway.

Bessie and dad in law came in the evening, and Wilkin gave Bessie ang pau... I straight away realized something was wrong. I mean, I have missed something here. Quickly went into the room to check my organizer, and OMG!! Bessie's birthday tomorrow! That's why we are going out tonight for dinner. That's why also I think think why they want me along this week when Will didn't get to eat, and that I've already celebrated twice with dad in law last week.

So, didn't get her anything lor. Lucky got my 'Oi Sam' cake... harharhar! Nice or not?? First time make, not bad larr... not bad at all, huh?? Very easy, no baking required. Anyone want recipe??

Psst/ It's been five nights and Aidan is doing so well. Dry bed so far. Heeeheeeeheeeeee.....

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