Thursday, November 23, 2006

The demise of my vacuum cleaner

I seriously think that this piece of antique deserves to be laid to rest.

It has served probably more than a decade, but my hubby is a very loyal and true person a.k.a. kedekut. I was using it this morning, and for the umpteenth time, the wheel came off again. Fine, it's not that I can't do my work without it. Done Aidan's room, and was about to pull it into my room, when it died on me. See, the socket came off. So how to vacuum now?? Of course I know how to fix it back on, but I let hubby fix lar, don't want to waste my time and also, I actually have my eyes on this or this. Any opinion, anyone??

Yaler, me no money only. If that is not problem, I will choose Dyson as it is well known for it's benefits for allergy sufferers, like Aidan and myself.

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