Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Aidan's Christmas project at Cabena

Aidan's first self-made snowman. Impressive or what?

Of course, he definitely needed the help of Paola, one of the carers at Cabena.

He wasn't feeling well yesterday and had a short bout of fever in the afternoon. Wonder what caused it, but at least he's okay now, although he did complain of an achy tummy, and mini-bombed Hiroshima twice in the toilet today.

And he's so into my makeup lately.

He has been ransacking my make-up drawer, which is just next to my bed. Usually it is only the lipgloss. I let him get away with that. Earlier today he has been into my lipstick, as I can clearly see the shiny pink on his lips. I let him be, as the lipsticks are still there, non missing.

Then in the evening, he came running out into the living room with my eyeshadow pallet, dipping the applicator into one of the colours, and applying it to his face. Alamak! That's it!! This one is expensive! And I decided there and then to switch the drawers and never let him play with any of them again. This will spell the recipe for disaster in the near future.

I can imagine lipstick marks on the wall, or smashed eyeshadow powders on my carpet, his face. High maintenance then.

If switching drawers can only deter him for a little while, so be it. I have to think of something soon. What will life be then with him into everything in the house?

This reminds me of myself where I used to go into my sister's room and go through all her stuff. I found an empty diary of hers, with floral pages that came with a tiny padlock and key, a luxurious present then am sure. I loved the pages so much I tore one out. *kekeke, if you are reading this, sorry arr. I was just a little kid then!*

Also I found some tampons, wonder what on earth that was. And sanitary napkins with loops that I can play doctor with. Get the idea, eh, eh?

And my mum's dressing table was heaven for me.

Hence, I think Aidan inherited this adventurous part of mine.

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