Friday, December 01, 2006

Nativity Play at Playgroup

In conjunction with the Christmas cheers, every year the playgroup will get all the children in the playgroup to participate in the Nativity play.

As you can see here, Aidan has refused to wear any of the costumes. I somehow sucessfully got him to be one of the sheep, albeit a runaway one, for the last two years. Well, I guess this year he knows better as to what he likes or dislike. Girls are more compliant, it's in our nature to be wanting to be something else, or prettier, always a princess or a fairy.

This is cute little Jemima who will be turning three this month. Wow! See the difference in height. But then again, being petite is okay for girls. Like her mum. Or me. :P

After a chaotic morning, Wei Jian with her son Eric and myself and Aidan went for lunch at Macca's, where we got to sit down and chat decently, while the boys ran around the playhouse. Thank goodness for fast food stores!

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