Tuesday, December 26, 2006

All summed up

Ok, sorry for being MIA. No, not having too much fun, on the contrary, I've been working my butt off.

You will imagine me wrapping up gifts after gifts on Christmas eve for customers who, why the heck they do that, shop at the last minute, and getting a gift which they chose at that spur of the moment. To me, it's not personal. Anyway, although I am complaining, I do like it anyhow. Gives me the pleasure of making someone's gift nice and special, and adding a more personal touch fiddling with ribbons of all sorts. And fellas, great tip here, DO NOT EVER, use those reade-made shiny little bows with two-way tapes. That is SO VERY daggy, cheap.

Moving backwards, had a wonderful birthday lunch at Vince's place, celebrating his sister Rita's 40th birthday. Spent the whole afternoon there. We had planned earlier to go to Ivanhoe to see the Christmas Lights displays, but on seeing Aidan ultra tired with no nap, we decided not to go. Oh well, there's always next year.

Christmas day, nothing doing, no shops opened. Worked at night while Wilkin and Aidan went to Ching's place. Not fair, they have fun, while I had to work. And no, I don't get penalty rate or any extra pay for working on holidays. Thanks to AWA, think I mentioned that before.

Now forward to Boxing Day, we drove around, managed to get a parking space at Knox City, and Wilkin got Aidan a scooter! Little kichimai happily scooted around Grandpa's place in the evening.

That's about it. And oh yes, I managed to keep away from chocolates. So far. Weight is another kilo down... woohoo!! Let's see how long I can keep this record lah. Always manage to put it back on at the snap of a finger.

Forwarding to current minute. I said earlier I have been dabbling around the internet. I have found a few sites where I can just sign up for free, no catches, and pays you by just reading e-mails, or doing surveys. Will see how it goes, and if and when I do get that money in my account, I will let you all on into it. I'll be lying to you if I tell you that I do not get any referral fee, not from you though. BUT, if it's all good, it's a win-win situation.

So, watch out for this space.

So long for now, am off to surf the net again.

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