Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mobile Content Shopping

Sounds unfamiliar?

It was to me, initially. Until I surfed this website MobileSoftMarket and then I knew what it means. More so, it gave me so many Christmas ideas for friends and relatives overseas!

You can get an e-book (great if your friend travels to work by train, etc.) or a wallpaper for their Blackberry device, or a Sudoku game for those who loves numbers. In my case, I got an e-book for a friend of mine in America and she loves it! There are other great stuff like productivity and desktop tools and videos too. Endless choice!

What's more, the price is inexpensive, and it doesn't end there! I got a 15% discount as well. What a bargain! It feels better than sending just a greeting card. I am so excited to know about this site, I may send another gift of a wallpaper generator for another friend who has a PSP. In case he wants Aidan's pics on it, hehe.

So if any of you wants to purchase a good gift, or personal use, check out MobileSoftMarket and remember to enter the discount code "ONGKAE" at the end of the purchase process.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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