Thursday, December 14, 2006

Me going 'chuimming!'

Weather forecasted at 31degree today, so we went for a swim at MARC

Aidan was extremely excited when he saw me taking out our swim suit, or little trunk, for him. I told him he had to finish his breakfast quickly, but he got distracted with his Tweety Bird armfloats.

With my dad in law coming in for a while and finishing up my laundry in between, we only managed to leave the house at 11.30am. Upon reaching there, I noticed the enrolment for swim classes has already commenced for Term 1 next year, whereas they told me over the phone it will only start on the 18th. I quickly paid for a spot in Starfish class.

Starfish. Hah, come to think of it, starters like Aidan doesn't really know how to swim and just stick to the wall. Appropriate indeed.

Needless to say, he had a helluva time. We didn't bring his armfloats though, couldn't find it the last minute and couldn't be bothered to. But it turned out to be a good thing as he can balance himself more in the water. I just realized he has shot up in such a short time, he now can stand at the end of the toddlers' pool without my aid.

We got up after an hour, told him we were having chips for lunch. I think he must be famished, as he left the pool without a struggle, which wasn't always the case. Drove to Macca's and got him a Happy Meal, myself a berrylicious yoghurt. And he wallupped everything. Sweet.

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